About joinmisskey


About the development and management of joinmisskey

Misskey is mainly developed and maintained by syuilo, but joinmisskey is mainly developed and maintained by aqz.

Supporting joinmisskey

If you find the information this site provides useful, please help support it.

For information about donations, please confirm this at tamaina.github.io(aqz's personal site) (Website in japanese).

Editing joinmisskey

  1. Create a GitHub account
  2. Fork joinmisskey's repository
  3. Edit the corresponding files of the pages/(language) folder
  • Pages are written in Markdown(.md) as well as Pug(.pug) file format
  • Each file has a YAML FrontMatter header (--- ~ ---) set at the beginning of the file
  1. Open a pull request after finishing your edits
  2. After aqz reviews the changes and gives his OK, the changes will be merged
  3. Once the GitHub Actions build finishes, the changes will be reflected on the page