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Misskey is a forever evolving, sophisticated microblogging platform.

Ai, the mascot of Misskey

Thank you for finding Misskey! Misskey is a distributed microblogging from the Earth. Misskey and other SNS connect each other because it exists in Fediverse (universe composed of various SNS.)

Why don't you leave from a noisy city for a while, and dive into the new network?


Reasons to start Misskey

There are many reasons why you choose Misskey as everyday use SNS.

Many features

Abilities of Misskey

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Productive Notes Posting

Free character limit set for each instance

You can configure privacy range of your post finely

You can hide your improper messages or images

About Notes Posting

Text Formatting

Let's decorate your notes and profile! Formatting by Misskey Flavored Markdown (MFM) is available.

About MFM


Easily express empathy for notes. You can select emoji and send a reaction to the note.


Let's ask everyone for their opinions. You can create a questionnaire with up to 10 choices. Multiple answers can be accepted and an expiration date can be set.


Save files and share them many times. You can manage attached files with Drive, or upload files to Drive beforehand.

About Drive


Let's chat.
You can chat one-on-one or in a group on a dedicated screen.

About Messaging


Make a "generator" or write a sentence.
On the page, you can place blocks such as text and sections or create a simple program.

About Pages




Arrange various furniture and make your own room.
The room you created can be shared with everyone by URL.

About Rooms

Customizable Interface

You can customize the web client at will.


A small widget displays various information. You can sort the widgets freely.


You can freely change the background color, text, border color, etc.
The created theme can be saved and shared as a file.

Assets Store

Independence and Sociality

You can determine an owner by your intention, or you can manage your own instance.


Since Misskey has a server-to-server communication function called ActivityPub, You can follow users from different instances and other services, and see and react to notes.

Open source

Misskey is open source software. Anyone can participate in development and translation. You can also fork the repository and add your own extensions.

GitHubCrowdin (to translate)


Make your apps and clients to make your life better. You can use almost all features of Misskey in your apps. Play against the reversi bot and let everyone know what you are listening to!

API Usage


Misskey is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (AGPL v3).


Getting started

Let's register your account in any instance!

You can talk with users in other instances. Instance URL is part of your ID.

List of recommended instances

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We will add new instances continuously. If you want us to add instances to the list, please send to

Misskey is now in internet news! (In Japanese)




Jun 4, 2020 11:38 AM JST 頃に各インスタンスから取得した統計を合算した数値です。

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Do you like misskey? Misskey is developed by individuals. It's free and open-source.
Misskey is not advertised so as not to disturb the user's actions, but there is a considerable amount of expenditure for development.
Please support misskey development.

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